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A tradition of visionary thinking. When, over 110 years ago, the founding father of Miele wrote the words “Immer Besser” (Forever Better) on the company’s first products, it was an expression of his vision. Forever better, forever different was the founding principle that would drive all future developments. And this is the benchmark against which Miele and all of its products continue to be measured, to this day. The drive to continually improve has made Miele what it is today – an internationally operating, independent family business run by the fourth generation. To be successful as an organization, it is essential for Miele to know how people will live in the future. The company also goes one step beyond this. Rather than simply asking what the future will look like, it examines how it can be shaped – and what role Miele has to play in this. Miele appliances play key roles in the home. Alongside flawless technology, the devices must meet the expectations of millions of users around the world. As a result, Miele sees itself as accepting a significant responsibility for the quality of life aspired to and attained by its many customers around the world. The same applies to the use of resources. Each saving made by an individual appliance has a measurable impact on the environment – particularly considering the many appliances Miele sells in many product categories. Alongside social and environmental responsibility, the long lifespan of Miele appliances is another factor that makes foresight essential. Products that are sold today must still meet customers’ requirements in 20 years’ time, and remain attractive through timeless design. Miele’s objective is to give all users the freedom to shape life with their appliances however they wish – be that from a functional, technical or design standpoint. “Forever Better” thus applies not only to product quality, but to life with a Miele appliance – today, tomorrow and beyond.