About Us

Welcome to Betta Electrical!

At Betta Electrical we are part of local communities all over New Zealand and our we are all about supporting our local people. The service we deliver to our customers and our reputation in our communities is extremely important to us, which means you, our customer, get the best advice and service available.

Our Values

As we are customers too and understand what good customers service means, we think the following will be important to you. These are also the key business values our group is build around.

We sell reliable and well-known brands

We stand by the brands we sell, and this is why we only stock quality brands, which we trust to do the best job for you. We will listen to your needs, ensuring you only buy what is right for you, and help you find the right solution and build you the best deal.

You can find us all over New Zealand

We have over 20 Betta Electrical stores nationally covering many regional towns throughout New Zealand, and with our online store, customers are only a short drive or ‘click’ away from what they are looking for. Our website also offers a free click and collect in-store option.

Live Smarter, Live Happier, Live Healthier

If at any time you require help you can either email us at info@bettaelectrical.co.nz or call us during business hours on 09 969 1930 or contact your local store and we will be happy to provide advice.

Contact us 

Head Office Betta Electrical 
268-270 Manukau Road, 
Auckland 1023 
Ph: (09) 969 1930 &

Customer Enquiries 
Phone 09 969 1937