Why do I want a Smart Dishwasher?

Why do I want a Smart Dishwasher?

There’s been a lot of talk about smart appliances lately but what does that even mean? 

Sorry, it won’t load itself (that’s what children and grandchildren are for, right?) and it won't beat you at scrabble (yet) but there are other advantages to buying a dishwasher with smart capabilities. 

The options vary depending on the manufacturer but right now the main benefits are: 

  • Remote control for your appliances – using the app on your smart phone switch your appliance on or off wherever you are 
  • Recommendations – the best program for your load 
  • Future proofing – download new programs and updates 
  • Diagnostics – look up fault codes, book service appointments 

Here's the rundown of what is offered by some of our favourite brands:

HAIER: Connected living

Haier SmartHQ™ app allows you to connect your Wi-Fi enabled appliances. Use it to control your appliances from anywhere. Turn on the dishwasher after 
you leave the house - perfect for those busy mornings when you only remember as you rush out the door! By setting notifications it can let you know when the dishwasher is done! 

Ai technology also improves performance - the Auto wash program uses sensors to detect how dirty your dishes are and set the ideal wash, reducing unnecessary water and energy use for a more sustainable clean.

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BOSCH: Always the right program 

A sparkling finish – Bosch Home Connect dishwashers not only produce crystal-clear results, but can even be controlled remotely. The Home Connect App can also advise you on which program is the right one for you. 

More than just a remote-control the Home Connect app lets you monitor and control your Bosch Home Appliances. We’ve all been there: Did I start the dryer? Did I turn off the oven? Home Connect gives you total peace of mind at all times. Simply check your appliances’ status from your smart phone, and switch them on or off via the Home Connect app. 

It also gives you free access to a constantly growing number of services, inspiration and status updates about your Home Appliances. And just in case: our customer service offers remote diagnostics, too. 

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FISHER & PAYKEL: Connected living

The wi-fi enabled dishwashers from Fisher & Paykel also use the SmartHQ™ app for remote control and notifications. Fisher & Paykel's evolving suite of kitchen and laundry appliances are designed to help manage your daily routine seamlessly, with fully remote access to how they chill, cook and clean. It’s just the beginning of a home where everything works together in sync, with you effortlessly in control.

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Just the beginning

These features are just the beginning of home appliance technology designed to make life easier for you. For more info on dishwashers with smart features and other appliances that you can use to build your smart home look for the smart home icon in our September Catalogue.