Is it time for a new fridge?

Is it time for a new fridge?

Is your food spoiling quickly?

Is it noisy or have you noticed it has become very noisy recently?

Have your electricity bills increased or are they higher than those around you?

It might be time for a new fridge.

The average life expectancy of a mid-range fridge is around 9 years. Fridges are getting more and more energy efficient over time and the MEPS (minimum energy performance standards ) have become more strict, so that old fridge is costing you a lot more to run than a new one. Over time seals start to leak and that will also add to running costs.

As fridges and freezes are running all the time, they're the most energy-hungry appliances in your kitchen and account for around eight percent of an average home's energy use

What size fridge do you need?

How big is your household?

Based on the number of people using the fridge, you can use the following as a rule of thumb when choosing fridge capacity. If you chose a small fridge as you think it is cheaper, think again, some smaller fridges tend to be less energy efficient and cost more in the long run.

  • 1-2 people  -  250-380L 
  • 3-4 people - 350-530L
  • 5 or more people - 440L
  • add about 28.5l for each additional person, and if in doubt get the bigger fridge

Check the space it is going into

Make sure your measurements allow for some room at the sides, top and rear of your new fridge so it's got some space to vent heat from the motor If you don't allow for some wriggle room, you'll spend more in the long run as the fridge will need to work harder to keep cool. As a rule we allow at least 5cm on the sides and rear and 10cm on top by default, and always check the manufactures recommended clearances.

If you are upsizing your fridge, check your door and hallways. Will the fridge fit through your door, and through your home to the kitchen?

Types of fridges: pros and cons

Freezer on the top (top mount)

If price, range, efficiency, and value are your biggest concerns then a top mount fridge is for you.


  • Cheapest fridge type to purchase.
  • Can be the cheapest fridge type to run.


  • You have to bend down to access the fridge, which is the most used compartment

Freezer on the bottom (bottom mount)

Bottom mount fridges are all about convenience – and saving you from back pain.


  • Logical fridge design – what you use most is at eye level.
  • The freezer often has handy slide-out baskets.
  • Largest range, colour choice and variety.
  • Lots of features and many have plumbed or un-plumber water and Ice dispensers


  • More expensive to buy than top mount fridges.
  • Marginally more expensive to run than top mount fridges.
  • Can be slower to chill, especially in the freezer.

Side-by-side (fridge next to freezer)

Plenty of space and extra features make side-by-side fridges great for entertainers or large families.


  • Lots of features are available, such as ice and water dispensers.
  • Good for galley kitchens, thoroughfares or areas where you can't have a large swinging door.
  • Good storage capacity.
  • Best access for people in wheelchairs.


  • Ice makers and water chillers can take up a lot of freezer space.
  • Internal space is quite narrow and won't always fit a pizza box or frozen turkey.
  • Large physical form takes up a lot of space and can't fit in a tight corner.

French door (bottom mount freezer with a two door fridge)

French door fridges combine the convenience of a bottom mount fridge with good capacity and extra features.


  • Lots of features are available like ice and water dispensers.
  • Good storage capacity.
  • Both fridge and freezer are wide enough for large platters and bulk foods.

All the benefits of a bottom mount fridge


  • Ice makers and water chillers can take up a lot of fridge or freezer space
  • Large physical form takes up a lot of space and can't fit in a tight corner.
  • Costs more to buy.

Pigeon pair (separate, but matching upright fridge and freezer)

A pigeon pair combines plenty of storage capacity with more flexibility when it comes to placement.


  • Can be kept separate (with the freezer in another part of house like the laundry or garage) which is great for small kitchens.
  • Good storage capacity.


  • Takes up more space overall.

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