Most of what you are able to buy from our website doesn’t require installation, however items that need to be hard-wired (meaning they cannot be simply plugged into a normal power point) need to be professionally wired into a power supply.

The products available from our website that need to be professionally wired into a power supply are as follows:

• Ovens (Wall and Freestanding)
• Rangehoods (Wall-mounted, Built-in, Island, and Down-draft)
• Cook Tops (Gas, ceramic, induction and Ego)


We are often able to arrange a professional electrical or gas installer - if you would like assistance organising this please contact us.

Note: If your new appliance that needs professional installation is not installed by a qualified electrician or gas installer fails, you may not be covered under warranty.

Please also note, your safety is important to us, so we strongly recommend you do not attempt to hard-wire your appliance yourself