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Do you need a tumble dryer?

The Advantages

  • Tumble drying saves time having to hang clothes on and off the washing line.
  • Clothes are dried quickly and conveniently at any time: rain or shine, night or day.
  • Using your dryer effectively can help minimise ironing. The heat and tumble action will get rid of creases in some garments. Fabrics will be softer and fluffier, whereas line drying can produce a stiff feel.
  • A dryer can provide the 'finishing' touch to line dried fabrics, e.g. towels and sheets.
  • A dryer will help maintain the shape of certain fabrics, e.g. t-shirts often become misshapen from line drying.
  • Clothes are not subjected to undesirable conditions, e.g. excessive heat, smoke, or UV rays
  • The heat of a tumble dryer will effectively kill dust mites and the tumble action removes fine lint and other residues.

 Hints to help you choose the right dryer

  • Choose a dryer that senses when the clothes are dry and turns itself off automatically. This will save your power bills and will prevent clothes being over-dried.
  • Choose one with a Wrinkle Free option. This will help minimise your ironing.
  • Choose one that gives you the option of how dry the clothes come out. By selecting “damp/dry” a lot of items can be removed from the dryer and hung on a hanger. They will need little or no ironing and can finish drying safely on the hanger.

 Hints for using the dryer

  • Spin clothes at the highest spin speed your clothes washer will allow for the load type. The more water you remove in the wash, the less you have to remove in the dryer!
  • Never put dripping wet garments into a dryer!
  • Sort your loads according to the initial moisture content of the clothes, e.g. separate out dry towels, t-shirts, flannelette sheets and tea towels, from polyester-cotton sheets, pillowcases, shirts or any lighter articles. This will prevent some garments becoming over-dried while others are still damp.
  • Under dry rather than over dry. Most average loads will take about one hour to dry if they are spun at high spin speed (1000 RPM+).
  • If 'you have a timer dryer, check the load after 45-60 minutes and remove dry garments.
  • If 'your dryer is vented into the room, open doors and windows while using the dryer to keep down the humidity. This is important because as the humidity of the room increases the efficiency of drying decreases.
  • Clean your lint filter after every load. Maximum drying efficiency relies on good air circulation.
  • Drying very small loads is inefficient. Try to dry medium to large loads.
  • Shake clothes out before loading into dryer. This will help avoid balling and tangling which causes uneven drying.
  • Vacuum in and around your dryer regularly to remove any lint. Always check the User Guide that comes with your dryer for details on how to get the best from it and maintain it in good working order over time.